4 ways to find cash buyers for your investment property

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // April 25, 2018

If you have a short-term investment strategy in real estate, it is important that you market your property to cash buyers. You can find a property below market value, put it under contract and then resell it quickly to a cash buyer. You can make a great profit for a few days of hard work […]

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7 simple ways to improve your finances

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // April 18, 2018

How you manage your finances can have a great of impact on the quality of your everyday life. If you follow good practices to keep your finances organized, you will not only enjoy a great credit rating, but also feel confident to deal with any emergency whenever it rears its ugly head. The good news […]

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What is title insurance? Important things you must know

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // March 14, 2018

When buying a home, your lender will want you to purchase title insurance on your new home. Most homeowners are unsure as to why they should bear this additional expense. The reality is that title insurance gives peace of mind in case something is wrong with the property’s title. A real estate transaction revolves around […]

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Benefits of home warranty

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // February 14, 2018

Benefits of home warranty. There are several costs associated with buying a home, and a home warranty is one of them. However, it’s an optional expense. You have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to pay for a home warranty. In most cases, this expense is worth every penny particularly if you […]

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Essential tips for first time home sellers

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // January 24, 2018

Many circumstances in life can cause you to consider selling your home. You are probably moving to a new place due to job change or may simply need to upsize or downsize due to the changing needs of your family. Whatever the reason is, you should know that the process of selling your home can […]

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Buying a home? Important things to know about mortgage rates

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // January 17, 2018

A majority of buyers in America take out mortgages to purchase homes. Mortgage rates have been so low for the past few years that it makes sense to put your cash in income-producing investments. At the same time take advantage of the tax benefits that a home loan offers. While taking out a mortgage is […]

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Moving to a new home? 8 tips to make it stress-free

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // January 10, 2018

Moving can be stressful, particularly for people who like to procrastinate. Whether you are a tenant changing your rental accommodation or a homeowner moving into a new home after selling your existing one, you should know that waiting for the last minute will only create a panic situation. Being organized and disciplined is the key […]

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How to find the best mortgage lenders in Florida

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // January 4, 2018

Florida living

Finding the best mortgage rates and terms can potentially save you thousands of dollars and for this reason you should be very careful while choosing a lender to finance the biggest purchase of your life. Settling on the first lender who you run into can be a big mistake. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most […]

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Why to hold an open house and how it benefits home sellers and buyers

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // December 20, 2017

A good sales and marketing strategy is imperative if you want to sell your home fast and for the highest possible price. First you need to reach your potential buyers through online and offline marketing channels. Then make it easier for them to approach you to ask questions and visit the home if they believe […]

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The step-by-step guide to building passive income with real estate

Posted by Illuminated Property Solutions Team // December 13, 2017

  If your definition of a happy life is to soak up the sun on a beautiful beach without ever worrying about paying bills, then you need to build passive income. It is the ultimate dream for people who want to enjoy their life to the fullest by avoiding the trap of 9-5 jobs. When […]

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